Sunday, November 25, 2012

More ($$$ wasted on) 35mm film

I don't know why I take pictures with film.
It's expensive, obsolete, and cumbersome.
I take a picture and have to wait months to see it. 
We're going to buy a dslr eventually,
 but until then I'll take pictures on a 60 year old camera.

At the neighborhood park. 

Mt. Lemmon. 


Happy family.

Beautiful woman.

 Live to play.

Kitten Baxter. 
Neighbor's truck. 

 Priest Draw in Flagstaff.


Jealous Barley.

Lanterns in the side yard.

Barley in the side yard.

Grasshopper on the roof. 

Tucson city hall at dusk


Bath time

Clean dogs

Pool time.

Monsoon lighting.

The End.