Sunday, November 25, 2012

More ($$$ wasted on) 35mm film

I don't know why I take pictures with film.
It's expensive, obsolete, and cumbersome.
I take a picture and have to wait months to see it. 
We're going to buy a dslr eventually,
 but until then I'll take pictures on a 60 year old camera.

At the neighborhood park. 

Mt. Lemmon. 


Happy family.

Beautiful woman.

 Live to play.

Kitten Baxter. 
Neighbor's truck. 

 Priest Draw in Flagstaff.


Jealous Barley.

Lanterns in the side yard.

Barley in the side yard.

Grasshopper on the roof. 

Tucson city hall at dusk


Bath time

Clean dogs

Pool time.

Monsoon lighting.

The End. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

We're moving to California

We went to Cali for the weekend.  

We didn't have a plan other than us camping on the beach, us acroing on the beach, dogs frolicking on the beach, and me surfing on the beach. Notice a theme.

 Beach or not, we still need our coffee.  Until we rig up the Gaggia to the civic we're stuck in cafes--not a bad place to be stuck.  Em did our homework and found tons of cool/awesome dog friendly places since we can't really leave these mongrels in a tent.

 Huntington Beach has a dog beach with nice waves. We're there.

 Sophie's first trip to the beach, Barley's third.

 Tommy fulfilling his lifelong dream of surfing in California.
That wave was Huge!

 Happy family minus Baxter plus little dog

 Acro at San Onofre. Harder in the sand than we thought it would be...

 Our last night in Carlsbad.

Our view from our campground.
What good is a California blog post without a sunset; even though Tucson has better sunsets...
...but no beach in Tucson, and that's why we're moving.
Anyone want to rent a 3/2 ranch in a nice neighborhood with a pool? 


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cochise Again

We had a few weeks of gorgeous weather and decided to go camping...
When we got to Cochise, it was freezing and exremely windy. 
We did some climbing and chilling. 

Valentines Dinner

It's been a long time since we posted.
This is what we had on VDay, our 9th one together.

Pan seared U10 scallops with a Blood Orange-Malbec Gastrique. 
Roasted Butternut cup filled with Fontina Bacon Risotto finished with Yam Gaufrette Frittes.

We scraped dinner into the blender and drank it.
We don't eat solid food after getting this beast.

Brownie in the style.

Our original common ground.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our January Christmas

The Kennedy family had a late Christmas when EVERYONE got together in Columbia for the first time in years. It was a fun-filled week with cooking, eating, present opening, singing, and playing.  It was so amazing to see everyone in one place! I loved watching the kids play and open their gifts. It was wonderful too that Grandma and Grandpa Kennedy came for "Christmas" and Kathy, Mike, Caleb, and Kelci drove in for dinner too. Take a look at our plethora of pictures!

Ellie couldn't wait to open presents! :)

Myra in her new hat :)

Mia loves reading!

 This version of Amazing Grace was arranged by one of Josh's friends. It was great to sing!

We also celebrated birthdays and here is Ellie and Mia eating the teal-frosted cake.
 We did some top rope climbing at Capen Park. It was a perfect day for it too... in the 60's. After climbing we drove in to St. Louis and it snowed 2 inches that night. 

 Tommy took advantage of the snow. He didn't have his boots with him. so we covered his feet in plastic bags. It worked pretty well :)

In St. Louis, we stayed with Elizabeth's parents and they were so great! They cooked us dinner and provided us with beds :) The next day we waited for the snow to melt a little before heading to the City Museum in St. Louis. These pictures don't do it justice. An artist/architect named Bob Cassilly (who recently passed away) designed this amazing indoor art installation/playhouse. All the materials are recycled from around St. Louis, such as the conveyor belt rolls, broken ceramic tiles, pilars, glass bottles... It was built in an old shoe warehouse that is HUGE!  The roof as a huge slide and a school bus but it was closed till the weather warmed up. It was amazing to play like a kid!
Behind dad, the wall is made of 1/3 pans from commercial kitchens. 

The railings are made of painted conveyor belt rolls. 

 This is like a human-sized hamster wheel!

 These are all steel rods that have been rounded to form a slinky-like structure for you to climb in. Dad played too :)
 Elizabeth and her debut as a magician.
This is a massive tree house!

 There was a 10 story slide!! It was amazing!
Can you tell which picture is right? :)

There were caves and tunnels everywhere!Some of which I could fit through and some I would have been stuck in.
 A little acro in the City Museum. If you look closely, the ceiling is full of pieces of silk that have each been cut and placed up there. 

After the City Museum we drove to my cousin Kenny's house and helped unload a truck full of furniture and got to see Dee and Bob and Jack, Max, and Sam too! It was a nice surprise :)
All in all, the trip was magnificent. We returned to Tucson refreshed and ready to take on life again. 

"You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing."

~George Bernard Shaw