Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Phone pics

Em flashing the crux of clip, clip here5.9 at munckinland. It is a fun overhang.

Barley is a goofball.

Believe it or not, snow down to 3000 in Tucson; it looks beautiful, but that's not what we moved here for. I'm cold just looking at it.

Em's right to bear arms. Barley curls.

Barley's toy fell in the pool, out of his jurisdiction.

Poachers, goat cheese, tom slices, and tortillas. Think goat cheese pizza Napoleon with egg yolk oozing everywhere.

This is a swamp cooler aka evaporative cooler. Our house has dual cooling, which means we can use this thing in non-monsoon (humidity <10%) months to cool our house. It costs tons less to run than ac. Not being from the desert, we had no idea how to work this thing. It was one of our best shopping trips ever.

"A lot of people thing a cooler is easy to work, but it's more like a woman cause it needs lots of stuff but it's not gonna tell you what it needs: you just gotta pay attention to what it wants," the guy at the cooler store.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Recent Fun Times

Homemade pizza with fresh Mattimoe-grown basil!

Our adventure to One Day Wall for rock climbing

Emily at One Day Wall prior to a 15 foot fall... it was scary!

Tommy at One Day Wall, cleaning the climb Emily fell on... also scary...

Phineas (Barley's best friend - on the right) had a 2 year birthday party at the park :)

Tommy's amazing watermelon carving for Easter lunch at work. Notice the bunny and cactus :)

Tommy braving the skate park with Barley by his side. No injuries!

Climbing again! at Munchkin Land on Mount Lemmon

An awesome climb where you "stem" (press between both walls) all the way up!

"I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun."
~Thomas A. Edison