Sunday, November 7, 2010


Growing up, we used to record movies off of TV onto VHS. Illegal... I know... Well, one of those movies was Twins, with Arnold Swartzenegger and Danny DeVito. I loved that movie! So... Here is our rendition of the duo:

This is Barley and his best friend Phineas :) They are so much fun to watch playing together! Occasionally they will both stop at the same time and stare into the distance together :) it's adorable!

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Barley Claus

Yet another bed succumbs to the wrath of Barley... :)

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Ice Cream and other updates :)

So, Tommy and I are in the processing of preparing for my family to visit over Thanksgiving. We're trying to clean and collect items for Mia, etc.... But the most important thing that we are doing it making ice cream! We made a pumpkin ice cream with a whipped cream swirl (don't know if the whipped cream part will work out or not...), and a HOMEMADE Phish Food ice cream!! I'm extremely excited about the latter! :) 

On another note, Tommy and I have a new hobby. It's called Acro Yoga. It basically involves acrobatic moves with yoga breathing and poses. There are some elements or massage as well :) Here are some pictures of us:
 In this picture, Tommy is completely supporting me on my upper arms.
This is me trying star... it's a really tough pose! Eventually, the goal is to bring the legs up straight and bring the arms to your side.  You use your head to balance you :)
 These two pics are of us with our friends Naya and Miguel. We met them in an Intro To Acro Yoga class and have met up with them on the U of A campus to practice :) It's nice because we all need spotters for the harder poses :)

These pics are ok, but I hope to get a video of us doing a flow so you can get the whole effect :) Though it might be awhile since we are without a camera right now :)

On another note, Tommy and I went to San Diego for my birthday! It was my first time to California. It was so beautiful there!!! Though... it felt pretty fake... We took Barley with us on his first road trip and he did great too!! :) We took him to a dog beach and he got in the ocean. He was a little leery at first, but got used to it pretty quickly. We stayed with Tommy's Aunt Amanda and Uncle Bob. They were so open to having Barley at their house too :) It worked out great!!!!  

We can't wait for the holidays!! I guess they already started with Halloween :) We went through 7 bags of candy for Halloween! Our streets were lined with cars of people who drove to our neighborhood to trick or treat. We see this as a good sign for the neighborhood :) We are definitely kid-friendly and safe :)

I hope everyone is well and will write soon! :)

Namaste :)