Sunday, November 29, 2009

Growing up

Em and I went biking today. We went to the farmers market where we met up with some friends, and we all went to get lunch at a nice cafe (atlantans think henri's). Then biked around looking at houses--not like spectators but as buyers. We will be buying a house soon, which isn't as daunting now that we've been saving and looking.

So there we were riding through some nice urban neighborhoods thinking to ourselves, that house is at its potential, and it hit me that I'm not a little kid anymore. Moreover, I think in lots of ways I've become the grown person I hoped to become when I was a little kid. Even moreover, When I looked up and saw Em on her bike, hair blowing in the wind, pants rolled up over her high purple socks, her purple softshell, and her eternally radiant smile, I knew had married the girl of my dreams.

So, in short, it's strange to me how I had this image of my future in my head, and years later through many a toil and snare, I see that it has become a reality.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." My main man, O. Wilde.