Friday, January 21, 2011


Em and I don't make it outdoor climbing too often.
We went to Jailhouse Rock on Mt Lemmon last weekend.

Early January, half way up the mountain, it's 75 and the sun is hot!
While Atl was snowed in, we were worried about sunscreen.
Barley wanted some pb more than I did; he is an awesome crag-dog.

This is Tommy hangdogging on dragon's back.

Em told me to do a yoga pose. It's hard when you're anchored.

This is a beautiful green spire with amazing views.  Next time I'll bring a camera up with me.

Barley loves climbing more than anything.
When he sees our rack and rope go in our bags, he could burst at the seams.

Goal for next time: more pictures of Emily.


Sunday, January 9, 2011


Acro flow

Em does a front layout into back fly

I catch her butt in my feet and grab her feet with my hands

She "engages her core" as I push her butt up and pull her feet down.

I plant my elbows on the ground, and Em stands up on my hands.

She is thinking, "Flex every muscle in my body and don't try to balance."
I am thinking, "Pull feet through and don't drop my wife on my face."

Now she places my feet for folded leaf as I drop her.

I have it easy here; I just straighten my legs. 
 Em flexes every muscle in her body and tries to keep from falling on her face.
Straight through bird to folded leaf

Folded leaf is one of the easiest positions, very relaxing and therapeutic.
I can massage her shoulders, pull on her spinal cord, or twist her.


Round Two

From standing we hop to throne.

Let's hold hands...

Unhook our legs. Prepare for pop.

Em is thinking, "STRONG ARMS! ENGAGE CORE!!"
I am going to dip her before kicking my legs.

Em's hips fly up in the air, she kicks her legs back for bird, and ENGAGES!
I kick her up, wait, and try not to hurt her too much when she lands.

From bird, drop to folded leaf.

Passarita. Em begins the twist by grabbing her right leg with her left hand.
I help (marginally) by pushing her shoulder.

She locks her legs into pike as I begin the spin, pulling my right foot.


I catch her pike with my other foot.  
I don't usually don't wear socks, but we were packing up to go a did these pics.
We have a lot of fun with this, and it's a killer workout and balance for climbing.


By the way, this is the week before Christmas at about 6pm, about 60 degrees.