Friday, September 14, 2012

We're moving to California

We went to Cali for the weekend.  

We didn't have a plan other than us camping on the beach, us acroing on the beach, dogs frolicking on the beach, and me surfing on the beach. Notice a theme.

 Beach or not, we still need our coffee.  Until we rig up the Gaggia to the civic we're stuck in cafes--not a bad place to be stuck.  Em did our homework and found tons of cool/awesome dog friendly places since we can't really leave these mongrels in a tent.

 Huntington Beach has a dog beach with nice waves. We're there.

 Sophie's first trip to the beach, Barley's third.

 Tommy fulfilling his lifelong dream of surfing in California.
That wave was Huge!

 Happy family minus Baxter plus little dog

 Acro at San Onofre. Harder in the sand than we thought it would be...

 Our last night in Carlsbad.

Our view from our campground.
What good is a California blog post without a sunset; even though Tucson has better sunsets...
...but no beach in Tucson, and that's why we're moving.
Anyone want to rent a 3/2 ranch in a nice neighborhood with a pool?