Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We went to Cabo San Lucas for our honeymoon. Most accounts of Cabo sound like a UGA sophmore's account of his weekend: I was so wasted... Em and I have thankfully outgrown that phase of our lives and were able to get a clearer picture of a beautiful corner of the world.

When we got out of the airplane and looked around, it looked exactly like Tucson, angry brown desert. It looked like home to us, but I can't imagine if we'd come here (to a tropical paradise) from greener parts of the world (GA or MO) and seen this. Only when you get close to the ocean (resorts) does the color green emerge. Our hiking tour guide told us that the resorts have massive desalination plants that they us for landscaping purposes. They did an incredible job too. We brought some cute outfits just in case we went out, but people here got dressed to the nines every night. So we decided to fit in. The food and service were outstanding.

Cute Couple!!!!

This is the best trip I've ever been on. The entire time was the perfect blend of R&R and activity. We typically like to be more active than lounging poolside for five hours, but this was our honeymoon, not a regular vacation. After months of unending wedding to-do lists, it was a relief to leave the little notepad and pen at home and just be.

This is our balcony. Looking out over the western edge of the Sea of Cortez at Land's End and Lover's Beach. You can see the pools down there.

We had fun haggling for this sarong. There were giant Hibiscus flowers everywhere.

The beach was not nearly as popular as the pool. I think because it doesn't have a swim-up bar. I love the ocean and had fun swimming around in it. The waves here crashed directly on the beach with no chance to body surf; they were some big waves too. A few beaches over there was a surfing beach that we're saving for next time.

Playa de los Amantes. We took the water taxi across the bay to check out this natural wonder. We are on the Sea of Cortez side with the Pacific side behind us. This side is calm and called lover's beach; the Pacific side is fierce and dangerous and called divorce beach.

This is looking west along the beach from our place to the marina.

I like taking yoga pictures wherever I go. Up on a rock on Lover's beach.

The water taxis are on the verge of scary and invigorating. This guy was posing for tips.

This is the famous Arch. It's famous for a reason. This is looking through the arch out to the pacific. From the water taxi.

From the snorkeling boat.

These are some waves on the Pacific side.

After a few days of lounging we were itching for activity. We went snorkeling one day. The next day we hiked in the Canyon de la Sora. Fox Canyon is a natural spring in the middle of the desert with waterfalls, pools, and cliff jumping. It was beautiful.

That is the stream down a few hundred feet below us with a 30something foot waterfall. If you haven't been to Tucson yet, that's pretty much what it looks like (minus the water). This tour is not very popular: Our guide took this picture of the entire group daring enough to brave the harsh landscape.

Em is swimming in one of the majestic pools. The water was cool and clear, and there were no fish. From the pools, you can look up the steep and lush (by Tucson standards) canyon walls, awesome feeling.

Em in Mountain Hardwear's summer hiking line next to a strangler ficus tree. These are cool trees that don't grow in Tucson.

This is the waterfall from the first picture. Pardon me for not sucking in. The guide told me the best way do this is to relax... I went totally zen on the way down. It can be dangerous to tell a yoga person to relax. This was a rush and an incredible picture taken by an incredible woman.

Now we are back in Tucson smothering Willow with our love and getting back into the swing of things.

"There ain't no law in Mexico. It's just a pack of rogues." C. McCarthy